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Phillipians 4:8
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Real Time Digital EEG Neurofeedback Instrumentations

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Two real time Digital EEG neurofeedback system designs - desktop design and notebook computer design.

General specifications for both systems

Signal Input   Bipolar, one channel differential input
Common Mode
Rejection Ration

Input Impedance

Patient Isolation  

Frequency Response

Bi-polar, one channel differential input

> 110 dB wideband,
> 120 dB @ 60Hz.
22 MegOhms

< 0.50 µVolts
< 10 µAmps (leakage current)

1 - 30 Hz. standard

A/D Converter

Data Processing


High-speed data acquisition, 12 Bit resolution sign extended to 16 Bit

Real-time digital filtering of EEG signal

Windows 3.11, 32 Bit windows

Desktop Design

Processor   Pentium 233 MMX (min)
Mother Board   AT PCI bus
RAM   32 Megabytes EDO
Hard drive   2.1 Giga Bytes
Video   PCI bus video control
Monitor 15-inch ultra high resoltuion (digitally controlled)
Audio   Sound Blaster compatible
Speakers   Powered stero speakers

Notebook Design

Processor   Pentium 233MMX (min)
RAM   32 Megabytes EDO
Hard drive   2.1 Giga Bytes 
Video   Internal 800x600 active matrix TFT backlit color LCD display
Monitor   Built-in connection for external VGA monitor
Audio   Sound Blaster compatible, built-in stereo speakers
Power   AC adaptor for 110/240 VOLTS AC, 50/60 Hz. Removable battery pack with built-in recharger
Weight   Approximately 7 lbs. with battery pack