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Phillipians 4:8
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Introduction to Neuropathways EEG ImagingTM

Neuropathways EEG ImagingTM is a newly designed neurofeedback system utilizing the most advanced clinical research software and computer. (USA patent numbers are 4,919,143; 5,024,235; 5,571,057, and European patents). Its sophisticated design and easy to use format make it a powerfully effective feedback tool.

Neuropathways EEG Imaging, Inc. is established based on the research and inventions by Margaret Ayers. She began her work with EEG neurofeedbak in 1975 when she was hired by the UCLA Medical School as an electroencephalographer in epilepsy brain research. Margaret was the first to publish research on utilizing EEG neurofeedback with head trauma, stroke, and quadriplegia. Her pioneering patented neurofeedback equipment design and innovative work have won her international recognition. For over twenty years, Margaret has been providing EEG neurofeedback training to clients from all over the world. Her practice is based in Beverly Hills, California in United States. Margaret is frequent lecturer at the Menninger Clinic and other national seminars and workshops.


  • Real time, Digital Electroencephalography and Feedback Display
  • Display All Waveforms
  • Filters out and Displays Specific Frequencies At Less
  • Than One Thousand A Second for More Effective Feedback
  • Visual Graphic Display and Auditory Reinforcement
  • Recorded Minute by Minute Statistical Analysis in Real Time