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Neuropathways Technology Overview

Neuropathways EEG ImagingTM continues to set new standards in the art of listening to brain waves. This newly designed real time digital EEG feedback system utilizes the most advanced clinical and research instrumentation software and computer available. The sophisticated design of the system combined with its easy-to-use format provides the professional with a powerfully effective feedback tool. One of the most significant features of this system is its ability to display raw EEG and filtered frequencies with their exact voltages in real time. With real-time feedback, there is no delay between the event occurring in the brain and it display on the screen.

Real-time feedback is critically important because feedback is most effective when the original event occurring in the brain is reinforced or corrected immediately. This system's ability to filter out and display specific frequencies in addition to displaying the raw EEG plot is also significant. The most effective way to modify brain waves and behavior is to focus the client's attention on the specific frequencies and their amplitudes is provided along with an auditory reinforcement. This visual and auditory modality makes feedback modification easily understandable for clients. At the end of the feedback session, the professional is provided with the on-line, real-time microvoltage of each frequency for each minute of the session. This is an effective tool for measuring client progress.  The professional may also monitor the EEG and write notes on the computer separate from the data collection. The session data may be stored on floppy disk or hard disk media and played back later for review. In addition, the session data and selected plots can be printed out in a professional graphic display that is easy to read and is also an appropriate format for an insurance report.

All other machines on the market are either analogue like a manual typewriter, or not real time digital. You also can never see real time EEG while doing session. You only get a report at end of session that takes samples of EEG and average those samples. You never get real time digital primary data only secondary data. You can only reconstruct EEG from samples that are added and averaged. You therefore have a time delay ranging from one tenth to a full second between when the brain wave occurs and when you are told that wave is produced. You are reinforcing events that passed and treatment may not work.

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Neuropathways EEG Imaging system is the world's first patented digital real time EEG neurofeedback with less than one thousandth of a second delay between when the brain wave occurs and when you see it on the screen for feedback.

  • You can see your EEG Change in less than one thousandth of a second which allows for quick changes in physiology and behavior. Faster the feedback faster changes in behavior.
  • You can see your own EEG Change while doing neurofeedback.
  • You are in control of seeing and changing your own brain pattern.
  • Your new brain wave pattern becomes a learned skill.
  • You get printed real time digital EEG microvoltages minute by minute, and for the entire session.
  • You can change microvoltage settings to make easier or more difficult during session.
  • You can find it's user friendly with windows.
  • You can filter out any frequency, display it, and reward or inhibit it to have a more telescopic view of the pattern.