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ABEL Screening for Sex Offenders

More info on ABEL Screening Assessments and materials.

The Diana Screen®

The Diana Screen®. is a simple, online, child protection screening test that organizations can use to reduce the risk of placing men and women who present sexual risks to children and teenagers into positions of trust.

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest–3™

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest–3™ (AASI-3) is an empirically-validated, comprehensive evaluation and treatment assessment system for adult men and women with sexual behavior problems. It is specifically designed to measure a clients sexual interests and obtain information regarding involvement in a number of abusive or problematic sexual behaviors.

The Abel–Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities™

The Abel–Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities™ (ABID) is like the AASI-2, but uniquely adapted for use with clients with special needs.

ABEL PowerPoint 

Prairie Counseling's Sex Offender Treatment Program 

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Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorder Initiative

A pilot project in Judicial Districts 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 11 began in July, 2011, as the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation implements its Mental Health and Co-Occurring 2-year Grant Project. The project provides limited adult and juvenile funding for mental health, co-occurring disorders, and sex offender evaluations. It includes evaluations for juveniles who sexually harm, as well as evaluations for individuals under presentence/predispositional investigation. In addition, the grant provides enhanced education in mental health for judges and probation staff statewide.

Carole Denton is an approved provider for the State of Nebraska's Mental Health Grant to do Sex Offender Evaluations for the NE Court System.

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